Top 10 The Best White Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

American Shorthair

American shorthairs, the pedigreed version of domestic shorthairs, are friendly, easygoing cats.

Devon Rex

With its big eyes and prominent cheekbones, the Devon Rex has a somewhat cartoonish appearance.

European Shorthair

The European shorthair is one of the most common and oldest cat breeds in Europe. These ca.s are generally affectionate, playful,

Maine Coon

Known for its thick, long coat, the Maine coon comes in many color and pattern combinations, including solids, and tabbies.


The slender, athletic Oriental can come in many colors, including white cats. These cats are typically relatively level.


White has become the coat color most associated with Persians, though they can come in a variety of other colors and patterns


Also referred to as “foreign white,” pure white Siamese cats lack the classic darker-colored “points” on the ears, face, and tail.


Strong and agile, Siberians possess three layers of dense fur and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns

Turkish Angora

These cats are commonly pictured as white but can come in black, blue, red, and more colours and patterns.

Turkish Van

Most Turkish Vans are primarily white with color on the head and tail. They are typically active cats that like to jump and run.

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